The man who put your Anne of Green Gables DVD box set together

Kevin Sullivan is the young and talented Toronto based gentleman who put together this latest reincarnation of the classic fable that is Anne of Green Gables. The original story has passed from one generation to another, and so too, to the hands of the fourth grade star pupil. Sullivan recalls that the entire class at the time was captivated. This is just before the turn of the millennium. Now it is nearly twenty years of this millennium and the Anne of Green Gables fables and travails continues to endure and inspire and move.

Anne of Green Gables DVD box set

The man who put together this Anne of Green Gables DVD box set with the help of an all star production team did not start life out as a creative film producer and writer. He started studying biology at the University of Toronto, but at some stage of his university life, and fortunately for us, he decided that filming making was the productive arena in which he would achieve his bĂȘte noir. Initially, a few modest but well crafted films were the result of his subjective calling to the Canadian family market. 

And later, he made a career defining decision to acquire the rights to the Anne of Green Gables story. Never mind the classic book for now, the first film was inherently silent, around ten years before the Great Depression hit North Americans. After America’s economic revival began in the thirties, the second film production was released. The writer and producer of this latest adaptation remains conscious of Canadians’ sensitivities to their heritage.

But he need not have worried. By the time CBS broadcast the first reel, it captivated Canadians across all provinces for two whole nights.

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