The man who put your Anne of Green Gables DVD box set together

Kevin Sullivan is the young and talented Toronto based gentleman who put together this latest reincarnation of the classic fable that is Anne of Green Gables. The original story has passed from one generation to another, and so too, to the hands of the fourth grade star pupil. Sullivan recalls that the entire class at the time was captivated. This is just before the turn of the millennium. Now it is nearly twenty years of this millennium and the Anne of Green Gables fables and travails continues to endure and inspire and move.

Anne of Green Gables DVD box set

The man who put together this Anne of Green Gables DVD box set with the help of an all star production team did not start life out as a creative film producer and writer. He started studying biology at the University of Toronto, but at some stage of his university life, and fortunately for us, he decided that filming making was the productive arena in which he would achieve his bĂȘte noir. Initially, a few modest but well crafted films were the result of his subjective calling to the Canadian family market. 

And later, he made a career defining decision to acquire the rights to the Anne of Green Gables story. Never mind the classic book for now, the first film was inherently silent, around ten years before the Great Depression hit North Americans. After America’s economic revival began in the thirties, the second film production was released. The writer and producer of this latest adaptation remains conscious of Canadians’ sensitivities to their heritage.

But he need not have worried. By the time CBS broadcast the first reel, it captivated Canadians across all provinces for two whole nights.

What Rooms Can Professional House Cleaning San Diego Clean?

If you need a maid, why not go ahead, and find someone for the job? When you opt for house cleaning San Diego, you are in control. You determine when the maid comes out to clean the home, as well as the areas of the home which they’ll clean.

Some homeowners want maids to clean the entire house from top to bottom. Some people want only special areas and certain rooms cleaned. That is okay, because housecleaning companies can do either. As mentioned, you are in control, and what you want is what you get.

Cleaning the Home from Top to Bottom

House cleaners can take care of the cleaning in any or all the rooms in your home. They’ll clean the kitchen, taking out the trash, cleaning the countertops and the floors, and even deep cleaning If that is what you need. They’ll clean the bathroom and the toilets, and even the shower, too. They’ll clean the basement, or the bedrooms, or they’ll take care of the vacuuming, window cleaning, and similar jobs.

Cleaners get the Job Done

house cleaning San Diego

It doesn’t matter what you need done to your home, professional house cleaners get the job done. Since you are always in control, it is easy to get what you want done, when you want it done. And, if you change your mind, that is easy to do without any trouble.

How much will a Maid Cost to Hire?

The cost of a maid varies. The services that you wish for the house cleaner to complete affects the cost of the job. Always compare costs. Estimates are available at no cost upon request. There is no obligation, either, so why not request quotes and get the prices that you want to pay for the job?

What’s inside the birchbox for you today?


This short informational article is for all those readers out there who just love to shop for online bargains. Call it a hobby; call it a mission, these guys and girls, that being you, readers, always get a thrill out of receiving your next shipped package on your doorstep within weeks of pressing the online purchase button. You are also thrilled at receiving the message on your smart mobile that confirms that your purchase has been approved and your transaction is therefore successful.


And within a few minutes of that confirmation, you receive another message confirming that your parcel is on its way, whether it’s a new organic beauty product pack or a fresh, green, environmentally friendly lawnmower. Doesn’t matter if it’s a new flat screen TV, preferably of the giant variety or a new set of china crockery, you get a thrill out of these enterprises. You claim to be far too busy for conventional shopping, walking from mall to store when you could have been working and scoring another deal.

And there you do have a point. It only takes a few minutes to find something you fancy and then to buy the thing. But this is territory that you may have covered before. You’ve received duds in the mail or delivered by the unknowing courier. Been there and done that. And that’s where birchbox comes in. But what the heck is birchbox? Fair enough, we were coming to that. So, here goes then. Birchbox is an online shopping network, second to none.

It’s one of those online spaces where you cop a bargain while having your own say on a particular product that you might have already tried out before. You can be as critical as possible and there’s no need to score friends while you’re scoring points.

The Best Bonuses at Trustly Casino

trustly casino

Online casinos have a lot of attention lately, and that’s because of the bonuses that they offer to people. When you go to a website like trustly casino and you sign up and make a deposit, you will see that there are a lot of options out there that allow you to figure out what’s going on with your casino desires. You see, in many situations, the bonuses are the money amounts that end up helping you when you’re trying to win big and really enjoy what is going on in the casino world.

The fact of the matter is, there are a lot of places that you can go to play at online casinos. So, you want to start to compare bonuses and see how they are going to work for you and your needs. If you get a website that offers a lot of bonuses and gives you a lot of extra cash for putting a bit of cash in, you can make your money go further. That means that you’re going to have a much better chance of actually winning whatever it is that you want to win.

Playing at online casinos is a lot of fun, and bonuses make the experience that much better. So, you want to make sure that you do your research and see what ones have the bonuses that are going to give you the best payout and the best results for whatever you may be trying to do or achieve. Take a look around and talk to others who love to play at online casinos. Then, you will be on your way to finding a casino that you enjoy and that you’re always going to want to play at when you start playing on the web.

Learn About What is Cogniflex

Are you tired of always feeling as though you do not have energy when you are sitting down to do work? It is something that we all face, no matter what type of job we work! And sometimes you may think it is because you are not happy or you are not inspired. But at the end of the day, we cannot always feel pure inspiration when we are at work. Sometimes we have to persevere and really get the job done in a good way, even if we are not feeling at our best. And that is where something like Cogniflex can really help you out. It is one of those things that will make you feel great each day.

what is cogniflex

So if you are worried about your performance at work or in life in general, you may want to ask what is cogniflex? And we can tell you all about Cogniflex right now. It is one of the best supplements that will help you get more out of your brain, and it will also improve your energy levels. So if you are feeling fatigued on a daily basis, you will certainly feel more alert and full of energy if you use Cogniflex as a supplement every single day.

And the brain aspect of Cogniflex is really useful as well. If you feel as though you are solving problems or doing your work a little slower than usual, you may want to try the supplement out to see if it can really give you brain a boost. Many have said that it not only gives them more energy and makes them more focused, but it helps them think in a more creative and intuitive way than they were doing before. So get a bottle or two of Cogniflex to see if it is a good supplement for you.

The world’s best rated air purifier right here on your internet service provider

Part of doing things as sustainably as possible and being as resourceful as possible entails keeping yourself abreast of all new developments going forward. If you are already on this drive, even if it is still early days for you, then you are exercising what is known as due diligence. It is good to know, evidence seems to bear this out that many of you out there are endeavoring to be as cautious as possible. Many of you are doing this based on personal experience.

best rated air purifier

This is not indicative of a worse-case scenario, but more the case of understandable omissions. For instance, you cannot be entirely blamed for missing the clean air boat where top quality air purifiers are concerned. While you’ve had your fair share of expensive air conditioning systems or HVAC systems, unbeknown to you, air purifiers have been around for years already. Now you are here. Now you can begin a new search and start looking out for a best rated air purifier to replace whatever air-conditioning machinery you already have in place.

By the time you have found a suitable purifier, you begin another exercise of recycling. You can contact local source suppliers who will only be too glad to take in your no longer needed air conditioning or HVAC system. After a few months of having your air purifier in place, watch and wonder. Just watch and see how quickly your energy bill takes a dive. That’s because your clean air purifier is going to be using up far less energy than the implements that it has come to replace.

But of course, there may still be other areas within your home that still need some development.

What is the Best Rated Air Purifier?

Do not purchase an air purifier until you’ve first learned the best on the market. Air purifiers are beneficial and used inside of many homes to keep the air fresh, prevent allergies and reduce signs of asthma, and more. But, these awesome benefits are enjoyed only when you have the best rated air purifier on the market.

When so many options are out there, how can you find the best rated air purifier? First, you ask friends, family members, and business associates for their recommendations. These individuals may refer you to the perfect product, or at least put a big dent in the selection process.

best rated air purifier

Once you’ve done this, use the internet to your advantage. Many reviews, testimonials, and even best-of websites are out there, designed to make it easier for you to get the product that you really want. When you use this free information, you’re ahead of the game when it is time to spend your money on a quality product that won’t disappoint.

To help you out even more, we’d like to give you a little inside look at a few of the top recommended air purifiers sold today. With the purchase of any of these air purifiers, you’re sure to love the results.

BlueAir 403 is an awesome air purifier that has a great look and enhanced features for those who don’t mind splurging on their product. A second top air purifier choice is the Honeywell 50250S air purifier. A well-known company makes this product, but keep it affordably priced for those who expect affordability in their air purifier. A third recommended air purifier is the Greentech GT50 Plug-in Air Purifier. This air purifier is easy to use and operate, as well as easy on the wallet.

If you’re a tea lover you might be interested to read this review


It is all good news that you are a tea lover. That will mean that you are quite possibly drinking two to four cups of your favorite brew every day. The good news also assumes that you are already reasonably healthy. This means too, of course, that you are practicing a healthy lifestyle. Included in your healthy daily practice is three balanced and healthy meals a day. And within these is a strong focus on the recommended and necessary dietary requirements of each of the three daily meals.

For instance, you will be focusing on your fiber intake during breakfast and on protein during evening meals. And during the evening meal, there will be a focus on the four or five vegetable approach. That last principle should be self-explanatory, but to emphasize; each of your four or five vegetables will contain different nutrients and vitamins of healthy value to your body. But while you read this review you may also learn that no matter how healthy you are, you might just be drinking too much tea.

At the end of each so-called tea review is something of a feedback commentary from men and women who, on the whole, can be perceived to be relatively healthy. A number of these feedback sessions give negative remarks on how a strong focus on drinking just tea, or mostly tea, during detox dieting programs, has caused disturbances in the digestive tracts of the body. The irony here is that while tea is overly good for you, it also has its toxins which tea lovers should be mindful of.

read this review

The age old wise advice to consume ‘everything in moderation’ comes to mind.

Visit the Smart Drugs Guide Website

There is nothing better than knowing that you are going to finally get a supplement that will help you with all the issues that you have been having. If you are living a very busy and active lifestyle, and you feel as though you are tired all the time, you may want to consider a supplement that would help you out. Instead of turning to potentially illegal and dangerous substances or illegal prescription drugs, we suggest that you take a look at nootropics as a possible solution for the issues you have been having over the past few weeks.

smart drugs guide website

So what are nootropics and what can they do for you? It is a question that a lot of people ask, because many of them have never even heard of these supplements. As you can see at the smart drugs guide website, nootropics are one of the most interesting substances that have been coming onto the market over the past few years. They are completely safe, natural and healthy, which means you are not putting your body or long-term health in jeopardy when you are taking nootropics. But what you are getting is a really important boost to your brain, which is going to help you with everything you are doing.

So many of the things we do on a daily basis are not only defined by our body, but by how our mind is behaving at the time. If you get up and you are always feeling lethargic and unmotivated, even when you got plenty of rest, you may want to see if nootropics could change some things for you. At the end of the day, it really is something that is worth trying, because you can never know what type of great reaction you are going to have to these smart drugs.

3 Tips to Prepare Your Car for Winter Travel

Properly preparing your vehicle for winter is extremely necessary if you plan to do some traveling in the more frigid areas of the world and want to avoid Donner party* style escapades. Making sure your engine antifreeze is properly prepared, having the right oil and checking your tires amongst other things can all help ensure your winter trip does not end prematurely. We are going to go through these most important steps you can take to winterize your car properly.

engine antifreeze

1.    Choose and prepare your engine antifreeze correctly.

Making sure your engine antifreeze is of the right variety can be tricky under normal circumstances, in freezing temperatures it does not get any easier. How often you flush your coolant, and the additives you prefer will normally guide your decision making, in winter there are a slightly different set of parameters. Check your owner’s manual for the recommended mix to deal with below freezing temperatures. Ensuring you have the correct mix of distilled water to antifreeze (usually around 50/50) is important to prevent both freezing and boiling over. Pressure testing the cooling system can also avoid catastrophic problems down the road.

You will also want to make sure your windshield fluid also contains some antifreeze to avoid issues with visibility.

2.    Change your oil and make sure you are using the right type.

This is even more important if you have an older engine. It is recommended you use 5W-30 since it can flow better in freezing temperatures. If not your oil will be prone to thickening and will cost you a lot in energy needed to turn the crankshaft. Some specially made synthetic oils may be even better for the task.

3.    Have the correct tires.

You would not go out in the cold in an improper state of dress, so why should you expect your vehicle to? Proper inflation and tread depth are essential if you want to come back from the icy roads unscathed. Some locations will require vehicles to carry chains on them. Ensure you know the rules of the road where you are going and what’s required of you. I recommend you practice fitting chains before you go – there is nothing worse than trying to apply them to your tires while your hands go numb from the cold.

4wd is also your friend when it comes to traction.

 *If you do not know what happened to the Donner party go ahead and look it up, I just wouldn’t recommend it for the squeamish.