How You Can Use Pink Strollers To Teach Your Daughter About Bullying

What do you do with all the pink strollers you bought once your daughter is all grown up? Use them as props in a roleplay scenario with a lesson. Too many young girls and women are afraid to be assertive. They need to be taught how to defend themselves.

Conversely, you should also teach them that violently reacting to things are not okay. When they are angry, they should not lash out or scream. Teach them that stating why they are angry will help to solve the problem at hand. Doing this teaches your daughter to be assertive without being violent or a bully. Stage a scenario for her, this will help her to see it in action. Ask someone else to be a bully while you will be the person they bully. Instead of reacting to the bully violently or meekly after they steal your toys, like one of the pink strollers, react to the bully by telling them in a confident voice to stop and then tell them that you will report them to an authority figure. Once your daughter knows what to do in situations like this, it will be easier for her to deal with out in the world.

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Schools often have a problem of students not wanting to report bullies for fear of being labeled a tattle tale. By teaching your daughter from a young age why it is often necessary to report bullies, she will not fall prey to this mindset. While it’s true that some problems can be resolved amongst peers, she should never stay quiet when somebody at school is mistreating her. This will lead to her allowing people to mistreat her when she’s older as well. And that’s how you can use something like a pink stroller to teach your daughter a valuable lesson.