How To Lessen Throat Irritation With Vaping

If you’ve never liked cigarettes because of their harsh effects on your throat, vaping is a good alternative. But not all vapes and eliquid are made equal. Sometimes smoking a vape can deliver just as much of a punch to your throat as smoking a cigarette. How do you stop this?

Firstly, remember the main reason why many people prefer vaping over smoking cigarettes. Certain eliquid contains a lot less nicotine than others. A liquid that has little to no nicotine is less likely to irritate the throat and cause that burning, coughing feeling that happens so often with cigarettes.

Get to know your e-cig well. The power setting on your e-cig determines the strength of the hit. The higher the power setting, the more it could cause you to cough. Set your cig to the lowest setting and experiment from there until you find the perfect balance of soft and harsh.  


If you like menthol, you’ll have to get used to coughing. Strong liquids like menthol are known to deliver powerful throat hits. For a smooth inhalation, choose liquids with sweet or creamy flavors. These won’t be as harsh and will allow you to enjoy a more gently flavor.

Cotton wicks are your best bet for a smooth inhalation. Hemp wicks should be avoided since they are specially used for hard throat hits.

The good news is that you’ll get used to vaping over time and be able to handle stronger hits. No beginner vaper has ever been able to take a strong throat hit without coughing, so don’t feel discouraged for having to start of gently. Besides, the less harsh the vape, the healthier it is for you as well. If you started vaping to get over smoking, this method would be the best for you.