If you’re a tea lover you might be interested to read this review


It is all good news that you are a tea lover. That will mean that you are quite possibly drinking two to four cups of your favorite brew every day. The good news also assumes that you are already reasonably healthy. This means too, of course, that you are practicing a healthy lifestyle. Included in your healthy daily practice is three balanced and healthy meals a day. And within these is a strong focus on the recommended and necessary dietary requirements of each of the three daily meals.

For instance, you will be focusing on your fiber intake during breakfast and on protein during evening meals. And during the evening meal, there will be a focus on the four or five vegetable approach. That last principle should be self-explanatory, but to emphasize; each of your four or five vegetables will contain different nutrients and vitamins of healthy value to your body. But while you read this review you may also learn that no matter how healthy you are, you might just be drinking too much tea.

At the end of each so-called tea review is something of a feedback commentary from men and women who, on the whole, can be perceived to be relatively healthy. A number of these feedback sessions give negative remarks on how a strong focus on drinking just tea, or mostly tea, during detox dieting programs, has caused disturbances in the digestive tracts of the body. The irony here is that while tea is overly good for you, it also has its toxins which tea lovers should be mindful of.

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The age old wise advice to consume ‘everything in moderation’ comes to mind.